Best Hardwood Floor Upright Vacuums

Hardwood floors will add a nice touch of class as well as modernity to your home. They are one of the most prominent options for flooring various house types. A lot of people love hardwood since it is elegant, durable, and has natural look that matches all types of decoration.

It also keeps its color and texture even after a long time. Using the best or right vacuum cleaner will help minimize time taken to clean your floors and keeps them looking new and bright, so the best vacuums for hardwood are all you need and all the information you need can be found from Home Floor Experts.


Many people nowadays have created much attention to the Upright vacuum cleaner. The reason is that Uprights in genera will provide you with a wider cleaning swath than canisters and other types. They are better at deep cleaning carpets are easier to store.

Upright vacuum cleaners work best on carpeting and provide adjustment settings for carpets of varying heights as well as bare floor settings. However many have hose and wand attachment attached to them and cannot easily navigate closets easily.

Most Popular upright vacuum cleaner brands include Bosch upright vacuum cleaners, Dyson upright vacuum cleaners and Electrolux upright vacuum cleaners

Here is a quick review of some of the most popular product currently in the market:

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum, 81L2T

Its main feature includes:

  • Capturing debris along tight spaces and edges
  • Its V shape directs quite larger debris while the end of the V captures small and fine debris
  • It is cleans around furniture legs easily.
  • It has a swivel head which allows you to clean around furniture legs easily

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Its main features include:

  • Cordless and bag less stick vacuum cleaner
  • Interchangeable 18v Lithium battery for fade free power, and
  • Auto height adjustment

Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub Wet/Dry Vacuum, FH40010B

Its main features include:

  • Three in one bag less cleaner vacuums, washes, and dries hard floors
  • Patented counter rotating SpinScrub brushes which gently wash and scrub from all angles
  • Long quick release power cord that lets you clean relative large rooms without unplugging

Different vacuum cleaner types can all help do the jo. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing the best and right vacuum for your hardwood floors:

Always use a vacuum that doesn’t have a cleaning brush. Using such vacuum cleaners will scatter dirt across your floors rather than picking it up. Cleaning brushes also scratch your hardwood floors.

Dirt and debris build up behind and underneath furniture. Look for a cleaner with long hoses to clean those quite hard-to-reach places

Quick Vacuum Buying Guide From Canadian Tire


The above mentioned products are just but some among the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors based on various on line reviews that I have come across, Each of them has some special characteristics that you may wish to consider before purchasing one. For instance if you have relatively large house and you have packed with obstacles, you may need to get a vacuum cleaner that is easy to maneuver and steer.

Do your own research, View reviews and select a straight cleaner that will have the best performance. Remember that expensive does not always mean better. Study product reviews before you select the right blender for your job.

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