Reasons You Need to Protect Your Hardwood Floors at All Times

Protecting Your Wood Floor

Hardwood floors are an excellent way for upgrading your home interior, and can lend that special elegance to your home with minimal alteration.

While there is no doubt that hardwood can add style to your home, whether used in the living room, study or kitchen, there are certain things that you should know about their maintenance.

Though hardwood floors do look great, it is also true that they need some special care.

Why is this so?

The following could be some of the reasons:

1. Prone to scratches

Hardwood floors can be scratched easily, even by the dust on the shoes. Therefore, it is important to prevent this.

Some measures that can be taken are:

  • Have a welcome mat, preferably on both sides of your door. Preventing dust from coming in can be the first step in preventing scratches on the hardwood floor.
  • Regular vacuuming: For whatever dust that does enter, regular vacuuming is a must in order to prevent it from causing any permanent damage. It is also important that you use a brush or an attachment with micro-fiber surface while cleaning instead of a rotating brush or a beater bar which can scratch and damage your floor.
  • Having cloth or felt covers to the legs of the furniture, so that any movement of furniture does not cause permanent damage.
  • Trimming the nails of your pet: If you forget to do this, you will end up having a scratched floor for sure!

2. Affected by wetness and moisture

Hardwood floors are made out of timbre, and are therefore susceptible to damage from moisture.

You can prevent this by:

  • Avoiding to splash the floor with water, after you get home drenched in rain. You can drop off any dripping shoes or clothes near the door into a plastic bin, so that the water does not spill on the floor and cause damage to it.
  • Avoiding a wet mop for cleaning, or at least taking care to squeeze it almost dry so that moisture does not linger for long.
  • Mopping up any water that may fall on the floor immediately in order to prevent permanent damage.
  • Having a professional to take a look at your hard wood floor, should you notice any unevenness or cupping. He can advise if you need to replace a part of the floor in order to contain any damage.

3. Loss of shine and luster

This is possible because of wear and tear. However, this can be minimized by avoiding cleaners containing harsh chemicals.Even wax, in spite of giving a shiny finish, is not recommended as it may prove counter-productive in the long run. The best option would be to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in this regard. Most hardwood have a poly-urethane coating. A re-coating is sometimes required to restore the original shine of the floor.

4. Susceptible to weather conditions:

Hardwood, made of natural timbre, are likely to be affected by changes in temperatures in the form of expansion and contraction.They are also affected by the moisture in the atmosphere. While this may be a little difficult to control, care can be taken to maintain temperature and moisture levels by proper air-conditioning and humidifiers.

So, now that you are aware of why your hard wood floor needs that little bit of extra care, I am sure you will be able to maintain it for a very long time, looking as new and shiny as ever!

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