The Right Lightweight Vacuum For Your Home

Home and kitchen cleaning could be enjoyable and annoying for that matter. What makes the difference? It is pretty simple; if you take on a long journey, it is second to nature that you need to get a car that is up to the task. It is not any different with cleaning. While home cleaning is considered a task, it as well could be an enjoyable task.

The tools you use are what will make the difference. Employing the right gear for home and kitchen cleaning is simply choosing to have a wonderful cleaning time. You don’t want to use that broken vacuum cleaner that keeps powering on and off every five minutes. What then should you look for to get you started?

What vacuum cleaner should I get?

lightweight-dyson-vacuumJust the same way you enter a showroom and make a choice of what car to drive out there with; it applies to your home vacuum. What are you after? What works for you? Basically these are the questions that will keep your mind open on what to get.

Vacuums come with various sizes, shapes, weights and a whole lot of other variable features. For an ideal cleaning moment, I would assume you could be looking for something portable, small and light weight. With these combinations, you are guaranteed a comfortable cleaning experience without any fear of getting tired quickly.

It is interesting to note that most light weights when it comes to vacuum cleaners, are upright in nature. This aesthetic feature gives the user an easy time while handling the vacuum. Canisters are also an admired type by those who consider the upright lot not worth the consideration.

Ideal lightweight vacuums on sale?

It is worth noting that if there’s an industry that will not be suffering a deficiency in products anytime soon, is the vacuum manufacturing industry. The variety of designs in the market leaves the customer spoilt for choice while making their purchase. The following is a short outline of what you could be looking for in the market:

  • The Metro vacuum ED500 is one such piece going for $59.98. Customer reviews on the product rank it highly in the market.
  • The Shark brand offers a long list of products that have an equally good standing in the market. These are: The rotator lift-aways going for $230 – $259.99 depending on the series, the navigator deluxe (NV42) going for $157.49 and the navigator lift-away series ranging from $190 – $200.
  • The Hoover brand includes the Linx cordless with a price of $148.94 and the wind tunnel MAX going for $159.99.
  • The BISSELL brand offers pieces like the CleanView, which is also an upright piece with a very affordable price of $79 and also the zing bagged canister going for $40.12.
  • The Oreck brand also features a variety like the insight vacuum going for $247.69 and the commercial U2000R-1 going for $177.59.
  • The Dyson brand ranks very highly among its competitors due to its quality. The DC41 and DC59 Animal cordless for example, go for $499 each. A cheaper product from their brand would be the DC40 which goes for $349.99. Generally, you will appreciate their extremely light and upright nature while coming with very high suction power that will give you all you need for that clean home.
  • Other interesting brands include eureka and the dirt devil scorpion. All these are quality lightweight vacuums that could get your needs satisfied.

Customer Reviews on Lightweight Vacuums

Different customers think differently when it comes to the best handheld vacuum. To some for example, the canister kind would work great for their home & kitchen cleaning while to others, the upright make is what they would give consideration. It is however clear that the brands I have mentioned up there are what you should consider. Majority of the customers have a liking towards the shark series while others might hold varying preferences towards the other stretched lot. Just as it’s mentioned at Cleaniatric, you are the one to define what you are looking for. The market is ready and willing to supplement your taste with quality so go ahead and give it your best shot.

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